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Hello friends,

I need your support in my run for Durham City Council!

My motivation to run for Durham City Council was born from grave concern for the citizens who live in Durham and the lack of care shown by several currently seated members of the City Council. There is a dangerous narrative being crafted, the word ADVOCATE has been demonized by those who are currently seated on the Council. This vitriol MUST END, with your support, I will make sure that the voices of Durham residents are centered in all conversations. Durham Residents want to feel safe as they travel about the city, safe in their homes. We cannot feel safe when our First Responders are leaving Durham “DAILY” because they are not being paid what they are due! The narrative that Durham is against development is simply not true. Durham is for Smart Development, developments that do not harm existing people and spaces, a development that is intentional in its design, equity-based, and inclusive of all income levels. Durham residents should have a say in how their neighborhoods are being developed. Gentrification is NOT NECESSARY; it can be achieved in a way that does not force people out of their homes.

I am not seeking endorsements from the Political PACs in Durham, nor will I accept money from developers. Instead, my campaign will focus on direct conversations with the people in Durham. I am open to having roundtable discussions in your yard with your friends and neighbors. I want to meet people where they are at. With your help, I believe that I will win this election! I ask that you donate to support my campaign, no amount is too small. My pledge is to always represent the community.

Bonita Green

Candidate for Durham City Council



“My campaign will focus on direct conversations with the people in Durham.”



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