“My campaign will focus on direct conversations with the people in Durham.”

Progress, Equality and Positive Change

Meet Bonita Green

Bonita is a dedicated and passionate advocate for progress, equality, and positive change. A champion of the people, Bonita has witnessed the challenges faced by the underserved and the unheard, and she is committed to making a difference in their lives. With a proven track record of leadership and service, Bonita is ready to step up and be the catalyst for the change that Durham needs.

“I will make sure that the voices of Durham residents are centered in all conversations.”

Bonita 4 Durham

Our Top Priorities

Smart Development

Public Safety

Environmental Stewardship

Durham, North Carolina

Bonita the Durhamite

Born and raised in Durham, Bonita’s family roots are deeply entrenched in the Merrick-Moore Community (MMC). The daughter of the late Samuel and Hattie W. Green, Bonita was taught to work hard, live a life of integrity, and take pride in her community. The Greens were one of the original founding families of the MMC. Moving into their home in 1948, Bonita’s family proudly settled into the community. Mt. Zoar Baptist Church was Bonita’s home church, where her father was chairman of the Deacon Board, and her mother was a Deaconess. A product of the Durham Public Schools, Bonita attended Merrick-Moore Elementary School and graduated from Southern Durham High School.This was Bonita’s community. A community where everyone knew each other, where neighbors were there to lend a helping hand. That was the type of community in which Bonita grew and thrived and with her leadership, Durham can have that sense of community again.

Bonita the Fighter

Bonita is a fighter and in 2018 was challenged with the fight of her life.  Bonita was diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoidosis, an extremely rare disease, and underwent a double lung transplant in 2020.  Never one to back down from a fight, Bonita began the long road to recovery and came out triumphant. Three years after surgery Bonita is surviving and thriving and ready to take on a new challenge—representing the people of Durham on the City Council.

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A Vision for Progress

Running for public office is a natural extension of Bonita’s lifelong commitment to serving others. Her campaign is anchored in the belief that a community can prosper and thrive with the right leadership and vision. Bonita’s platform focuses on the following key areas:
I will support smart development that does not harm existing people and spaces, a development that is intentional in its design, equity-based, and inclusive of all income levels.
The safety of our families and neighborhoods is non-negotiable. I will work with law enforcement, community leaders, and residents to implement effective public safety measures.
Protecting our environment is crucial for future generations. I will support green initiatives, renewable energy projects, and responsible waste management.

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Bonita Green’s campaign is not about empty promises; it is about a shared commitment to progress and a brighter future for everyone in our community. Bonita believes that Durham desperately needs to invest in our own people! By voting for Bonita, you are voting for a leader who will always put the needs of the people first and tirelessly fight for a more just and equitable society. Be a part of the positive change our community deserves. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive, and prosperous future for all.



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